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E-Commerce Concierge

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What would you pay to add $200,000 to your business in the next 12 months - without you having to write a single email or SMS? 

Introducing Someone Rad, a High-End, White Glove Concierge Service for ECommerce store owners on Shopify:

  • Ecom Concierge Service from a PROVEN ECOM Veteran
  • Complete Bespoke Email and SMS service for your Store.
  • Apply What's Working Now

  • Two Meetings per month

What's Included?

12 Month promotional blueprint with pre-written emails for your brand  

  • We sit down with you and create a schedule of promotions for you for the next 12 months. 
  • We create six months of email for you in advance and schedule it in Klaviyo. 
  • $9500 Value 

Set Up behavior triggered email automations.

  • New subscriber welcome series, abandoned cart, customer thank you, customer win-back, and five more.
  • $65,000-$85,000 Value

Create Bespoke Promotional Campaigns

  • We will create and send a promotional series of emails/SMS that pushes your customer to re-engage. 
  • $84,000 -$275,000 Value

Value of ECom Concierge Service: $369,500

But wait, there's more...


Ecom Customer Service System - Curate Your Customer Experience 

  • Get Your time back. 

  • Manage social comments and messages, onsite chat, email, phone, coupled with a trained and affordable live agent

  • One of our clients, "This is the first time in over a decade that I have time to do something other than answer customer issues."

  • $2,800 Value

ROLODEX: Introduce you to a paid ads specialist

  • We can introduce you to someone who runs profitable paid ads. Facebook and Google. 

  • We do not run paid ads, but we can help you guide your marketing efforts in a profitable direction. 

  • $3,200 Value

The Seven Day Jumpstart.

  • Send your first promotional email within seven days. Make wins early.
  • $3,000-$25,000 Value

How to make finding an email system easy

  • We only work with customers on Klaviyo and Shopify (or who are willing to move)
  • If you use these tools (that actually work) instead of the fancy new shiny objects, you will have a better chance at winning. 
  • $299 Value (This is actually worth A LOT MORE)

Bonus Value: $31,299

Bonus plus Ecom Concierge Package Value: $400,799

First Month Cost: $1,500. Subsequent months, pay nothing, but 10% of Klaviyo Income attributed to Klaviyo. 

If we made $2,000 from email/sms, you pay $200. 

Recent Results:


Monthly contract. Cancel any time. Bills every 30 days. 

If you feel like you didn't the value, we will return the most recent month, no questions asked.