Case Study – Chocolate

In spring 2019, I got an unexpected call from the owners of a beloved local chocolate shop, who were facing closure due to financial troubles. Determined to save this community cornerstone, I stepped in to help.

We improved customer experience, and expanded our marketing. By introducing new flavors and leveraging social media, we saw sales climb. Since then, the chocolate shop has thrived, generating around $2 million annually. It’s now a vibrant part of the community, continuing to bring joy with its delicious chocolates

Someone rad email marketing

What We Do…

As a Fractional CMO and email/paid ads specialist, we made this business $7,562,210 (and kept them from closing) and…

We built them a 4,500 person group where they engage their audience and do direct sales and promos inside the group!

We work with every sized business

We have brands that do thousands a month and brands that do hundreds of thousands per month. 

Some of our certifications…

Email Marketing Specialist
ecommerce marketing specialist
facebook digital marketing associate
customer acquisition specialist
customer value optimization specialist
analytics and data specialist
customer acquisition specialist
optimization and testing specialist
klaviyo product certification
adskills certification
optimization and testing specialist

What sets us apart


We have to increase your customer relationships in order to make you more money. 


We have a creative team that can mimic your brand and brand voice. 


We bring a team with a deep bench to the table. We know how to help you based on our actual experience. 


Making sure two emails get sent properly on Thanksgiving is an example of our commitment to your vision. 

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